Concrete mixer when production should pay attention to what matters it Take a look at is what matters.     (1) No concrete mixing station or project manager issued a production order can not be turned on.    (2) No permission Project Department will be allowed to stop the production or maintenance shutdowns.    (3) accurate input mix; all data entry twin shaft js500 concrete mixer 500 litre seriously reinspection, the test personnel, the operator confirmed the signature is correct for the record, before production.    (4) strictly in accordance with the ratio of production, there is no laboratory test personnel written instructions, no person shall be allowed free to change the raw materials, additives and water. Stirring time depends on concrete state, without the consent of the test personnel are not free to increase or decrease.    (5) production should be closely observed measurement is accurate, timely adjustment exceeds a predetermined error should drop. All measurement at no load should be in the range of minimum value. Metering system other abnormal situation must be treated promptly report.    (6) cement, additives, water error should not exceed ± 1%, found cement admixtures when insufficient quality, it is timely to find auger is blocked, and promptly excluded, aggregate error must not exceed ± 2%, exceeding the time when the error timely find out the reasons and manual compensation and recording.    (7) the discharge, the discharge port and the tank inlet should be aligned, to prevent discharge omissions.    End (8) job, close the following switches: ① pump power switch; ② Mains switch; ③ total control switch; ④ air compressor switch;    (9) After the job is completed in two hours, dasion au man concrete mixer truckwill host all the contact parts clean concrete, are not allowed to assault an accumulated period of time to clean up phenomenon.   (10) Concrete production outage occurs, immediately manually unloading and clean the relevant parts.   (11) according to concrete mixing station operating instructions strictly enforced.   (12) before the official start of production for each device must be coordination and maintenance personnel, length of not less than 10 seconds on the first bell, when confirmed by the maintenance staff working parts of each machine does not exist no obstacles accident, then hit the call to inform The second bell, not less than 6 seconds. Stop device between 6 seconds before the operation.   (13) according to equipment specifications, specification of concrete mixing station requires periodic various electronic weighing equipment calibration efficacy (first calibrated with standard weights, and finally weighed in kind) to see whether the requirements set measurement error and do Good record, should notify the calibration test personnel while calibration.